Monthly Archives: April 2006

Weekend stuff

I did a little traveling this weekend.First, here’s a house that I saw in Cold Springs. It has a very pitched roof with hips to the corners and a weird doghouse dormer on each of the hips. Larry and I decided that the upstairs room were hazards to walking with all of the odd angles. […]

Web Hosting Blues

When my websites went down last week, I decided that it was a bad thing to put all of my eggs in one basket. I searched around and settled on a web hosting company – They had a rich feature set and had a nice “reseller” package for $12.50 per month. This allows me […]


This is my cousin’s band’s website. Zack is a guitar player for The Prix and I hear they’re getting quite a bit of air time on the LA radio stations. THE PRIX Free Websites

Years ago, I used to host quite a bit of data at ASPWeb. They are now called I stopped using them when the original site was hacked and the email changed. For years my page read U R OWNED. Their customer support team ignored me. But Free web space is – well – free. […]

I’m Giving Away Free Content

I discovered a way to use php to read zip files and display the contents of as a web page. In this way, I can zip up large amounts of data in one file and then display it as though I had 1000 seprarate pages. This is my latest get rich slowly scheme. It has […]

NameAGalaxy rewritten in PHP

With the loss of Java on my host, I had to rewrite to use PHP instead. This is a good thing. It is 10 times quicker and ALWAYS works. The old system was iffy and I think it was the main problem with the server crashes and my account getting suspended. I found a […]

Culpeo Chilean Wine

I like a glass of wine with my evening meal. I can’t afford expensive California or European wines, so I have become familiar with Australian and South American wines. I think that Chile and Argentina have the world’s best wines right now. Australia and New Zealand are emulating the bland California wines and like the […]

Wet Sunday

There has been quite a bit of rain in the last 48 hours. In West Nyack, every bit of land has been developed and grass planted. This has ruined the natural watershed so that when it rains, the Germonds Creek overflows its banks. The road was flooded this morning, but when I went to take […]