Free Websites

Years ago, I used to host quite a bit of data at ASPWeb. They are now called I stopped using them when the original site was hacked and the email changed. For years my page read U R OWNED. Their customer support team ignored me.

But Free web space is – well – free. You can’t have too many incoming links, so when they sent me an email that they were hosting free pages again, I quickly formatted a page and set it up. The free part doesn’t include a domain so the page has an the unfortunate URL:

They don’t have ftp access so you have to use their sitebuilder. It’s far better than the free microsoft one at Microsoft Office Live, but Microsoft gives you a free domain. I haven’t figured a way to liberate the domain from Microsoft and use it at a real site.

Free2w is fine for a business card site or a small personal page. I haven’t explored the options much, but I suspect you could even host a blog there if you wanted to.