Weekend stuff

I did a little traveling this weekend.
First, here’s a house that I saw in Cold Springs. It has a very pitched roof with hips to the corners and a weird doghouse dormer on each of the hips. Larry and I decided that the upstairs room were hazards to walking with all of the odd angles. The residents must constantly bang their heads.

This was next to a garage sale in Cold Springs. We didn’t buy anything. That’s Larry grimacing.

Saturday, the tree people came and trimed the spruce tree that was hanging over the house. I told them that they took off too many branches, but they wouldn’t put them back.

This is Stormville Airport Flea market. It looks very large, but there was nothing but overpriced crap.

I got this nice Astatic 200s microphone at Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market (about 20 miles from Stormville). This is a fairly sought after mic and rarely found in such good condition. $15! I will fix it up and put a good element in it and ebay for 5 to 10 times that. Too bad the element was bad. You never find a good one. An original element would be worth a hundred or more. But if you drop these mics, the element is busted.