Wet Sunday

There has been quite a bit of rain in the last 48 hours. In West Nyack, every bit of land has been developed and grass planted. This has ruined the natural watershed so that when it rains, the Germonds Creek overflows its banks. The road was flooded this morning, but when I went to take pictures, the stream was back in its banks, but it looked very scary.

The dogwoods were starting to bloom in the rain

It’s not very often when we have a spring where all the trees are in bloom at the same time. This is the cherry tree.

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  1. J Erwine wrote:

    Must be nice to get rain. We just had a light shower pass through…maybe ten minutes, and I think that’s the most precipitation we’ve seen in a month here.

    They’re calling for a wet day tomorrow, and I hope they’re right because we’re awfully dry here.

    Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 9:30 pm | Permalink