Monthly Archives: July 2013

cerulean nocturne: Sphingidae speaks

I’m not a poetry guy, but internet friend Shaun Lawton wrote this on his poetry blog. I like it. Sphingidae speaks said lycosa to musca you’re a lovely c.atratus compared to the nestor mirabilis, and pedipalpi asked ophidia whose side the cathartidae were on– the lanidae, chiroptera, or corvidae? while the bubo virginianus whispered to […]

Answer to Rick Perry’s Come to Texas Ads

I love this. New York is a sewer, but it’s my sewer.  

Mom’s Coverlet

Mom found this coverlet at a garage sale. She loves it. It is all very nice piece work. The pillow in the last picture she did herself, and she brought it out because they match.

Bob Larry and Chip

I went over to my brother’s house and my friend Bob Rucker was there. Bob received a heart transplant just a couple of weeks ago and is doing very well. They were hanging out playing guitar and shooting the breeze. The temperature was 97° but there was a nice breeze so it was bearable.

Another Offline Storage App

I’ve been using DropBox to store my files. I use DropBox to securely store my Work-in-Progress files on their server. I put the DropBox app on my main computer, my laptop, my work computer, my iPad, and my Android phone. When I change a short story on my laptop, the file is automatically saved on […]

Erica had a bad day

I came home from a 5 hour job interview in White Plains to find this note: She needs a new cell battery. I am shopping for a nice Verizon Smart Phone for her so she can transfer all of her unused minutes. The door was stuck because I tightened a loose doorknob just a little […]

Goodbye Peerless Pinnacle

I pulled the boiler out of the cellar and I am cleaning out a way to get the new one in. This Peerless Pinnacle boiler was a nice idea, but it never worked reliably. It has a computer to control the heat and was rated at 95% efficient. It seemed to know when the temperature […]

My Little Chickadees

The little copper maran chicks have been doubling in size every couple of weeks. They now wander around and interact a little with the big chicks. Soon they will stop sleeping in the chick house that I built and join the flock in the main chicken coop. These chickens (named Veronica and Betty) are French […]