Another Offline Storage App

I’ve been using DropBox to store my files. I use DropBox to securely store my Work-in-Progress files on their server. I put the DropBox app on my main computer, my laptop, my work computer, my iPad, and my Android phone. When I change a short story on my laptop, the file is automatically saved on the DropBox server. When I sit on the bus and want to work on that file, the file is automatically updated to the latest version from the server. When I retire a computer, I don’t have to save the files, because they are already saved – all I have to do is tell DropBox that the file are no longer to be shared on that device. This is extremely nifty.

DropBox has a limit on the storage space. I stored a heck of a lot of stuff, but I wanted to store all of the working files for my websites. That was about 7 gigabytes, but DropBox only let me store 5 gigs.

There is a new competitor to DropBox called It is just like DropBox, but lets me store up to 15 gigs. I just copied all of my website files to

I encourage everyone to use these services so that you never have to copy files from one computer to another, and all of your work will be kept safe where crashes and hackers can’t mess with them.

You can easily sign up for DropBox or – Just enter you email and password and install the sharing app on your computers and never have to lose a file again. I will get some extra space for referring you. You can get extra space by tweeting or posting on Facebook, too.


  1. Justine wrote:

    cant the hackers get into Drop Box or

    Friday, July 12, 2013 at 10:49 am | Permalink
  2. Keith wrote:

    Not if you keep your password secure and change it once in a while.

    They are protected with some pretty strong encryption. There was a way a few years ago to read some of the DropBox data, but that loophole was closed.

    My website files are public anyway for the most part.

    I have some private stuff there, but I am not worried about it.


    Friday, July 12, 2013 at 12:38 pm | Permalink