cerulean nocturne: Sphingidae speaks

I’m not a poetry guy, but internet friend Shaun Lawton wrote this on his poetry blog. I like it.

Sphingidae speaks

said lycosa to musca
you’re a lovely c.atratus
compared to the nestor mirabilis,
and pedipalpi asked ophidia
whose side the cathartidae were on–
the lanidae, chiroptera, or corvidae?
while the bubo virginianus whispered to canis
the answer was muridae, felis and hominidae

(Death’s-Head moth speaks)

said tarantula to fly
you’re a lovely black swan
compared to the carnivourous parrot,
and scorpions asked snakes
whose side the vultures were on–
the shrike, bats, or crows?
while the great horned owl whispered to wolf
the answer was rats, cats, and man

cerulean nocturne: Sphingidae speaks.