Goodbye Peerless Pinnacle

I pulled the boiler out of the cellar and I am cleaning out a way to get the new one in.

This Peerless Pinnacle boiler was a nice idea, but it never worked reliably. It has a computer to control the heat and was rated at 95% efficient. It seemed to know when the temperature dropped well below freezing in the middle of the night and would shut itself off. It was supposed to pay for itself in 10 years, but I could only stand it 8 years. I got good at sticking my hand up out of the covers to check the temperature to find out if the heat had failed.

I am replacing it with a conventional boiler that weighs three times as much, but can be trusted to stay on through a cold night unless the gas fails or the water pressure drops. The replacement will be 85% efficient, which isn’t bad. The original boiler I had twenty years ago was an old style 65% efficient model.

The Peerless is out on eBay, but I don’t have high hopes of it selling.