Monthly Archives: March 2008


My friend Eric Parker has been emailing and calling everyone he knows. His son Ari got into Harvard (as well as Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and about 10 other schools). That’s Ari on the left. He’s a good kid and jams on the Sax with his Dad and my brother when they perform in Nyack. […]

New Template – Very techy

Way too techy – don’t read if you are looking for cats. I put some pictures of Gracie on the cat blog. (Hover over the “other sites” link above and click on the cat blog.) Damn – it’s not working in IE – I have to try to fix it. I wrote a simple javascript […]

Earth Hour and My Wood Stove

March 29, 2008 during Earth Hour, I turned off all the lights and just watched the old Jotul #6 burning a couple of logs. Here’s a YouTube video of the fire. It was nice.

Rudy Rucker on POD Publishing

I have always thought that publishing your own book was a last resort. I have never gone the final mile to POD and self publishing on any of my collections because it would be admitting defeat. I felt that finding an audience without the distribution channels of a large publishing house would be impossible and […]

Found in Junk

I found this very cute little Mac with the monitor built in on the side of the road. It is an iMac G3 333mhz with 64mb memory and a 6 gig disk. It is pristine and was used by a little kid who played card games. I am going to see if I can plug […]

Scott and his Cat Tiger

I spent part of yesterday and a good part of today getting PHP to work correctly on my XP box and then on a county server running 2003. I discovered that the way to make it not work is to use the install packages provided by the PHP people. You have to hand craft the […]

Java – the Kiss of Death – Error 500

I am beginning to despise Java and all of its incredibly complex implementations. Here is a screen dump from weather. My-Cast is a nice service that sends you weather alerts an I check it each morning for the weekend outlook. The site has maybe 6 or 7 Java JSP pages. Today I got a […]

Asimov on Global Warming – 1989

This is why Science Fiction writers should make all of the big decisions. I’m not in 100% agreement with everything, but I have total respect for his reasoning. He makes more sense than anyone speaking out today. Notice, he speaks without notes as far as I can tell. More of this talk