New Template – Very techy

Way too techy – don’t read if you are looking for cats. I put some pictures of Gracie on the cat blog. (Hover over the “other sites” link above and click on the cat blog.)

Damn – it’s not working in IE – I have to try to fix it.

I wrote a simple javascript an css menu at work for one of my projects and I applied it to some of my blogs. You can see it by hovering over the menu links under the heading above. It drops down a bunch of links and makes the blog more readable in that there is no longer any right hand column.

The webring code is screwy, but I am going to drop the webring. It was a good idea, but the coders at webring put a DIV aroundd the code that screws up any css based design.

I am going to start up my technical blog again, but I am not going to do it with posts. I will just hand craft topics when I get around to it. I can’t keep up with the blogs that I have.