Java – the Kiss of Death – Error 500

I am beginning to despise Java and all of its incredibly complex implementations.

Here is a screen dump from weather. My-Cast is a nice service that sends you weather alerts an I check it each morning for the weekend outlook. The site has maybe 6 or 7 Java JSP pages. Today I got a 500 dump – not even a custom error message from the amateurish coders on the site.

My question is why would you use an EJB on a website with only a few pages? Why would you choose a slow top-heavy technology like Java to do a simple thing like display a couple of records from a database?

You use Java for large enterprise applications where you have teams of coders who need to create tools and integrate them. You don’t use it for lightweight “select and spit” web pages. I could have done the entire My-Cast site in a PHP in an afternoon.

I have been saying this for a while and it makes me no friends. Just remember YouTube is entirely coded in PHP. If YouTube were coded in Java, it would crashed and burned years ago or else the hardware resource costs, along with the salaries of a large staff of programmers would have made it too expensive to run.

Digg, one of the most popular sites on the nets uses PHP running on a handful of servers.

If you care to be techy today, read this about Java and PHP. It has links to some of the battles in the flame war between the Java and PHP camps.