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I had to blog this interesting site of images of starships. If you like hard science fiction then check this out. Jeff Russell’s STARSHIP DIMENSIONS

Mom is on the Internet

Martha Graham, my mom, may actually start using email!Mom’s email is [email protected] Please send her a message saying hello. I set up a very nice computer in the spare bedroom at 19 Vine. It is sharing the neighbor’s wireless (with her permission). She needed internet access for a money making scheme that involves being paid […]

Trying out new Blog Templates

I stole this look from my page I wanted the center div to scroll, but I couldn’t get it to work right in both IE and Firefox so the whole thing scrolls. I am going to javascript it to relocate the left and right divs at the top, perhaps. The alternative was to do […] Tuned up

10 years ago I had a program that would go out and do queries against the internic whois database to find expiring domain names. In the course of running this program I registered and Neither one has made any money for me. is a variation on the Star Wars robot character C3P0. […]

iPod FM Pollution

89.1 FM is WFDU, a local college radio station out of Teaneck, NJ. I can usually hear this in southern Rockland County, NY and all the way across the Tappan Zee Bridge into White Plains. Reception depends on the weather. On Monday and Wednesdays, the station features Blues music in the mornings.This morning, the station […]

Harry Potter and Wal-Mart

I pre-ordered the Harry Potter 6 tapes from Wal-Mart last May. I did not get them on the 16th and I did not get them Monday and I did not get them Tuesday. They guaranteed delivery on the 16th. I mailed off a nasty email and they are not going to do anything. Their attitude […]

Scott Adams Adventure – JavaScript-AJAX

I have created a JavaScript interpreter for the Scott Adams Adventure games. It uses AJAX to load the games and you can save games in a cookie. The games play very well. Since Ajax requires XML, I wrote a VB app to convert the flat games files to XML format. There are issues with one […]

Log Spam

Log Spam is a fairly new penomenom. Starting a couple of years ago, every once in a while I would find occasional odd entry in the web server logs. I realized that these were spiders from spam sites. They drop an entry with an HTTP_REFERER header into the Apache logs with the hopes that alert […]