Log Spam

Log Spam is a fairly new penomenom. Starting a couple of years ago, every once in a while I would find occasional odd entry in the web server logs. I realized that these were spiders from spam sites. They drop an entry with an HTTP_REFERER header into the Apache logs with the hopes that alert web masters would check it out. It is probably more effective than email spam in that it is less likely to be blocked.
For the past couple of weeks, though, my Blog has been getting 500 hits a day from online casino websites. Here are the stats for July 1 to July 10.
The Table with data refuses to format correctly so scroll down a little to get to it. (I got rid of the table)

1 pokeXr-boulevard 604 12.71%

2 casinXo-startup 578 12.16%

3 allkinXds-pills 455 9.57%

4 pokXer-4all 442 9.30%

5 favoXrite-casino 413 8.69%

6 thesXmart-casino 308 6.48%

7 texasXholdemcenteral 298 6.27%

8 lizsXcottrawson 165 3.47%

9 strXega 158 3.32%

10 unitedinXchristchurch 158 3.32%

11 westXvalleyhigh 158 3.32%

12 wkelleyXlucas 155 3.26%

13 alwaysX-credit 146 3.07%

14 pokXer-24×7 142 2.99%

15 pokXer-24×7 141 2.97%

16 pokXer-places-4u 139 2.92%

And the list goes on. All of these URLs refer you to same site. (I took out the .coms, .nets. and .orgs and added an X here and there so as to confound, a little, some of their nefarious purposes.)

I am not angry. The traffic is small and doesn’t effect my operations technically or economically. I think it is an interesting idea and I am going to make a crawler that points to one of my sites to see how it works.

We’ll see what happens if I can find time to write one.