CThreePO.com Tuned up

10 years ago I had a program that would go out and do queries against the internic whois database to find expiring domain names. In the course of running this program I registered AudioCD.com and CThreePO.com. Neither one has made any money for me.

CThreePO.com is a variation on the Star Wars robot character C3P0. I figured that someone would want to buy it and I’ve listed the domain for sale cheaply in several domain auction sites, to no avail.

I put a bunch of Science fiction resources on the site and this Blog lives there (probably a mistake).

Recently I mentioned in my blog that I was getting clicks from my Britney Spears Nude faux links, but that nobody was clicking the ads on the site. This upset my advertising service and they asked me to fix it. I deleted the two links about clicking ads. I will name no names here. I was never encouraging anyone to click ads, I was just lamenting that the Britney Spears surfers did not click ads.

I went back and cleaned up the CThreePO site, fixing a few broken links. I found a few spelling mistakes and typos and I changed over to using CSS on most of the page. I also put a comments script on the bottom of each page. If you look, though, you’ll see that the comments page has put the advertising links back into CThreePO.

Browse the tuned up Science Fiction Essays site and report problems, please.