Monthly Archives: November 2004

Undoing the Industrial Revolution

Jakob Nielsen‘s Alertbox is: “Undoing the Industrial Revolution”. This piece is right-on with the way that I feel about the Internet and I would encourage everyone to read it.

Gracie Picture

Gracie seems to be all better. The pins are out of her jaw. She sneezes violently from time to time due to her damaged sinuses. The only external sign of her encounter with a car is the right eye which does not react to light and the fur growing back in on her sides from […]

Next Issue of Astounding Tales

Arthur had lunch with me. Cubano sandwiches at Karumba in White Plains. Good food. We are on target with the next issue. Arthur has found a bunch of good stories. Again, he has worked with several new authors to wring some good writing out of them. I think everyone will be pleased. We discussed creating […]

Site is Up Again

After several weeks of being down, I have finally finished transferring and to web hosting. The Java/Tomcat is only available on the primary domain name (I found out too late). They also screwed up the DNS when the put me on a java server. now uses hidden frames to cover the […]

Websites Down again

My and websites are down due to terminal stupidity at I cancelled my accounts and signed up with It costs a little more, but I am still hoping to get a reliable Java/JSP hosting service. The sysops at all of the hosting services know a little linux and have learned how […]

Some charts

My brother sent me a chart that was supposed to be Average IQ by state colored in red or blue to show how states who vote for bush have a lower IQ. The chart was obviously bogus – it was too pat. But this didn’t stop me from wondering how the Bush states stack up […]