Next Issue of Astounding Tales

Arthur had lunch with me. Cubano sandwiches at Karumba in White Plains. Good food.

We are on target with the next issue. Arthur has found a bunch of good stories. Again, he has worked with several new authors to wring some good writing out of them. I think everyone will be pleased.

We discussed creating a “Best Of” print anthology and we might like to try it. I will not commit to having to select the 12 or so stories out of the many stories that we’ve published.

Talking Spec-Fic with Arthur was refreshing. I don’t get to discuss many of my hobbies with anyone except the cats and they don’t seem to have any real interest in anything I do that doesn’t involve kibble. (Gracie insists on sitting on the rim of the bathtub while I take my morning bath – but I think it’s the bath water that she likes and not my bubbling personality.)