Some charts

My brother sent me a chart that was supposed to be Average IQ by state colored in red or blue to show how states who vote for bush have a lower IQ.

The chart was obviously bogus – it was too pat.

But this didn’t stop me from wondering how the Bush states stack up iq-wise.

I made some charts based on Rand Corporation charts and my own charts based on Census data and I posted it at one of my websites.

I don’t know quite what to do about I thought about puting some of my trunked stories there. Putting random stuff up is all I use it for right now.

Story update: Reject from Whispering Spirits – difficult to say why, but I don’t think it fit their style. I’ve got nowhere else to send a ghost story right away. “Left eye” is out at Quantum Barbarian – this should actually be a good fit. “The Telling” is still out at Strange Horizons. I thought that I had sent it out to Ideomance, but I was ‘fused. SH and Ideomancer are hard markets because they publish only stories that fit in with their “feel”. My stories are more conventional in subject matter and treatment. I am still looking for the place to send my style stuff.

I wrote a complete story Friday. I was going to adapt Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Bottle Imp” to a more modern theme and content, but wound up writing the words “God in a Bottle” and just following them until the story ended. I wrote it very fast because I wanted to find out how it came out (I had no idea where it was going.) After about 2-1/2 hours I had 3500 words exactly so I sent it off to Carlos Colina for a good scrubbing and I’ll ship to ASIM or other light SF market when it gets back.