Websites Down again

My and websites are down due to terminal stupidity at I cancelled my accounts and signed up with It costs a little more, but I am still hoping to get a reliable Java/JSP hosting service.

The sysops at all of the hosting services know a little linux and have learned how to reboot Apache, but they know nothing about Java and Tomcat. I am less than patient. Last month, the sites were down at for two weeks. Before that they were down at another site (I can’t even remember the name) for two weeks. It has been a week at and I can’t wait any more.

I bought the HostGator Swamp package – I love the name. $14.95 and I get unlimited domain hosting. So if you need a web site for free, let me know.

It includes Tomcat, PHP, MySQL, Chilisoft ASP and a bunch of other stuff. I would like to transfer my stuff, but that web host has been so rock solid steady that I don’t dare.

I am sorry to bore you with this techie stuff, but I am, after all, a techie nerd.