Monthly Archives: February 2013

Good Morning Chickens

Letting the chickens out in the morning is really funny. Here are my chickens rushing to see Erica and he popcorn.


We have this fool young Rooster named Walter. He makes a fuss when he is in his cage, so we wind up letting him wander the house. I have to follow him around with paper towels as he is not housebroken, and not likely to ever be.

Snow Day

It snowed a little overnight. I measured a consistent 11.8 inches deep (the distance light travels in one nanosecond). I measured a drift at 19 inches. Here is the view outside my front door: I shoveled a little in the front and around back to the deck. The cats went out briefly and Furry had […]

House Rooster – Walter

I’ve been unemployed for two weeks. I have been working on finding a new job and working on the spare room that I never finished when we built the addition on the house. It was about 34 years ago on February 2nd, that we moved into our little bungalow and then about 16 years later […]

Frogs in Aspic, Like a Box of Chocolates | Amazing Stories

A very very nice review of my book at Amazing Stories. Frogs in Aspic, Like a Box of Chocolates | Amazing Stories.