Snow Day

It snowed a little overnight. I measured a consistent 11.8 inches deep (the distance light travels in one nanosecond). I measured a drift at 19 inches.

Here is the view outside my front door:

I shoveled a little in the front and around back to the deck. The cats went out briefly and Furry had an encounter with Snuggles, the stray cat who lives like a troll in out cellar.

I shoveled out the chickens and found we had eight eggs, including a green “Easter Egg”. I fed them in the yard and checked their food and water inside the shed. It was 45 degrees F inside, warmed by chicken body heat, but tonight it will drop down below 10 degrees F.  I want to go over to target and buy another heater to replace the one that died last week. Yesterday I put the last of the pumpkins in the shed, but they have only pecked it a little. They will eventually destroy it; they like cabbages better. I have to buy one when I go to get groceries tonight. The chickens need the greens in the winter.

The bad new is that when the temperature was up around 45 yesterday, I checked the bees and the last three hives are dead. I have no bees going into the Spring. I have to order some more bees for the Spring.

I have lost 7 pounds because I don’t have my Dunkin Donuts in the morning anymore and I am much more active. I check my mail, but I have not worked much on the computer. I want to do a little programming, and work on a short story, but I am too tired at night.

I have had one interview, where they more or less committed to hiring me (haven’t heard back, yet), and I have a phone interview next week at a big company right here in Rockland County – very easy commute. What I really miss is the morning bus ride. I don’t get to read, now, and I miss the conversations with my friend Varrick.