House Rooster – Walter

I’ve been unemployed for two weeks. I have been working on finding a new job and working on the spare room that I never finished when we built the addition on the house.

It was about 34 years ago on February 2nd, that we moved into our little bungalow and then about 16 years later when I tore off the roof and built a second floor plus a 10 by 10 addition. I finished the upstairs many years ago, but the new room on the first floor was filled with spare furniture and other junk and was never finished. Over the last two weeks I have finished the insulation and put up the sheet rock. I am now spackling the walls and putting nice oak casings on the windows.

I have had a few interviews that went well, and it looks like I will be working again soon, so the spare room may have to wait another 10 years before I get time to work on it again.

Our newest Chicken is a 12 week old fellow named Walter.
Walter is a very nice boy, but he is too young to go out in the cold, and the other chickens have not accepted him, and they attack him. He hides behind us when we go outside. When he gets his full feathers on and puts on some weight, he will be head rooster, but the time beingĀ  he is a little woos.

Walter lives in our kitchen for now. He likes to get out and steal cat food and poop everywhere. He is cute and mostly friendly, but it will be nice when he lives outside.