Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tumblr Autoblogging

I’ve added several new Tumblr blogs that I feed automatically with RSS feeds of free Kindle books. My software adds my affiliate ID to the feed so that I might make money on the some day. The blogs are: Free Kindle Computer books Free Kindle Science Books Free Kindle Mystery Books Free Kindle Romance Books […]

Ann Rabson

Ann Rabson passed away this morning. She was one of the nicest memories that I have of Blues Week at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia. I attended blues week a few times in the early 1990s. Ann taught keyboards, so I did not take any of her classes, but she was there […]

One Hundred Dollars a Month

I noticed a blog called One Hundred Dollars a Month because an article on beekeeping that the blogger wrote appeared on one of my own blogs that automatically searches for certain topics. I was extremely impressed, not only with the excellent writing, but the layout of the blog. This blog should be used to teach […]

Free Kindle Computer Books

Here’s a tumblr page with free Kindle computer books. Most are not that interesting, but I downloaded a couple today. I made one of these pages for free kindle SF books. The pickings aren’t good and there are 40 bad sf novels that appear every day. I got a few good ones, but you have […]

I noticed that I’ve been getting a bunch of clicks here from Tumblr blogs. Tumblr is a social blogging site where you can follow other blogs and their pages get added to your pages. It is like a blog where you can steal other people’s posts and have them show up on yours. A lazy […]

Google Maps has been by

I found my street on Google Maps street view. This was some time this summer, and it must have been a Tuesday because the recycling bins are empty and in the driveway. There are no signs at the driveway so it is before the chickens started laying eggs, but it is after I’d run out […]

Omni Magazine Entire Run Free

Omni Magazine ran from 1978 to 1995. I still have somewhere the junk mail that I received asking me to subscribe in 1978. I kept it because it included a very nice print of a spaceship skimming over a planet with lush vegetation. I thought that I would frame it. I have no idea where […]

Speed Humps: slow down traffic

I need one of these for the road in front of my house: