One Hundred Dollars a Month

I noticed a blog called One Hundred Dollars a Month because an article on beekeeping that the blogger wrote appeared on one of my own blogs that automatically searches for certain topics. I was extremely impressed, not only with the excellent writing, but the layout of the blog.

This blog should be used to teach web design projects, not for the artistic content, but for how well it is organized. It has good links to all kinds of interesting topics. It has good (but not too large) graphics. It has nice image links on the side, and some go to articles, and some go to affiliate links for making money. It has everything that a good blog should have.

I am going to look under the covers of the site to see how it is generated and just what kind of blog it is. I will see if there any secrets there and what just what I can learn.

I just turned off my ad blocker and suddenly the site does not look so pretty. There are some largish Google adds on the sidebar that are a turn-off.

Ah, it is a WordPress blog with lots of plugins for statistics and page optimization. The theme is by Sharon Hujik. I have to admit that it is nice clean design. I wonder if it us a “premium” theme?

One Hundred Dollars a Month.