I noticed that I’ve been getting a bunch of clicks here from Tumblr blogs. Tumblr is a social blogging site where you can follow other blogs and their pages get added to your pages. It is like a blog where you can steal other people’s posts and have them show up on yours. A lazy way to blog, but a good way to share things.

Someone with lots of followers must have blogged about the cliche list and then all the people who follow this person also get to have the same post on their blog. I am getting hits from a dozen tumblr pages.

Tumblr is similar to Facebook in some ways, but it also is a blogging platform, not just shared comments.

To see what it was all about I started a Tumblr blog and started putting some of my pages on it. I will do a couple a day for a while and see if I get any followers. It seems like an interesting way to do stuff. I think that graphics would make a huge difference because I don’t like the way the pages look raw.

My Tumbler page.