Monthly Archives: May 2012

New Yorker: The Science Fiction Issue

The New Yorker has published its Science Fiction issue with all Science Fiction writers and articles. Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, China MiĆ©ville, and Margaret Atwood. Not exactly the style of SF that I like, but you can’t say no to Bradbury. I walked over to Barnes & Noble, but it isn’t out yet. […]

Larry coming home

The hospital is sending Larry home today. He is feeling well enough to walk around and annoy the nurses, so they have to get rid of him. I’ll talk to him tonight and find out what is going on. When he called me, his voice was still bad. I am wondering if he is going […]

Larry Called Me

My brother, who had a stroke two days ago, is feeling better. He is up and walking around. Almost all of the symptoms are gone. He is coming home from the hospital this afternoon, he thinks. My friend Koch gave me a cell phone. He had used it for a few months but didn’t like, […]

Forgetting a good idea

Every writer has thought of a good idea, explored in his imagination how the story might develop and the characters will work. Every writer has let himself become distracted for a bit and then forgotten it all. I haven’t written much lately, but while I was working on computer program here at work, I thought […]

New England Foliage

I take great pleasure at wandering in Upstate NY, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts with Erica in the Fall. I happened across this site because the author uses one of my WordPress plugins, and, wonder of wonders, he bought my book! I bookmarked this page and this Fall I’ll check on it before Erica and I […]

Larry’s Back in the Hospital

After an MRI, it was discovered that my brother Larry had a stroke. It is a very small stroke in his brain stem, but enough to screw up his equilibrium and coordination. He still has trouble speaking, moving his arms, and his face is numb. It is quite possible that he will make a full […]

Larry not feeling good

This story started when my Blue Truck lost its brakes at the Palisades Mall Parking lot where I pick up the bus to Westchester. I got off the bus at around 5pm, put my foot on the brake pedal and it went to the floor. Erica came to get me. I talked to my brother […]

Willie is Gone

Willie, a favorite cat for over 17 years, passed away today. He was a great cat and will be missed.