New England Foliage

Folger-Pine-hill-cemI take great pleasure at wandering in Upstate NY, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts with Erica in the Fall. I happened across this site because the author uses one of my WordPress plugins, and, wonder of wonders, he bought my book!

I bookmarked this page and this Fall I’ll check on it before Erica and I go out gallivanting.

New England Foliage | Fall Foliage Routes and planning resources.

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  1. Jeff Foliage wrote:

    Don’t forget to check my website which help folks do thier planning and as Sept and Oct arrive I start to put daily updates on my site or as they come in to me from photographers around New England.
    The book is supposed to arrive on Tuesday… and then the pressure is on.. I have to make time to get off the computer and actually read… :-)

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