Larry not feeling good

This story started when my Blue Truck lost its brakes at the Palisades Mall Parking lot where I pick up the bus to Westchester. I got off the bus at around 5pm, put my foot on the brake pedal and it went to the floor. Erica came to get me.

I talked to my brother Larry, and he said he’d look at it. I told him that I needed a diagnosis, but that I did not want him to do anything major.

Larry showed up yesterday at the truck with his tools and decided to replace a short length of rusted out brake line. He had trouble with it. He seemed like he may have been confused, and could not get the couplings to fit together. He was lying under the truck for several hours holding his head up in a cramped position, straining on the rusty fittings.

While he was working, he suddenly started to pass out and was soon too weak to move. He was stuck under the truck. He lost the ability to move his arms and his face was numb. He managed to crawl like a worm up to the bus stop and when a bus stopped, he asked them to call 911.

When I arrived at the bus stop after coming back from work, I saw his car and the truck. His tools were scattered under the truck, something that he would not leave out to be stolen. I made phone calls to my Mother and Erica and nobody had heard from Larry for several hours.

I walked all around the parking lot and even followed a path through the woods looking for him. I went home and called my Mother again. I then rode around the mall and up and down rt. 59 looking for him. I eventually found a Mall Cop in a patrol car who told me he had collapsed and an ambulance had taken him to Nyack Hospital.

I rode to get my mother and we found Larry in the emergency room where he had been for a couple of hours with little or no treatment. I stayed with him until late that night while he had two CT scans. He was released without ever talking to a doctor. Nobody seems to know what was wrong with him. The CT scans came in clean. The one of his head showed no strokes or other problems. The one of his neck arteries showed no occlusions.

I was able to get him to my truck and get him home, but he was weak. I called this morning and he is still weak. I think it was a vasovagal syncope. This is caused by many things and can have different levels. I think Larry had a pretty bad episode because his arms still feel weak today.

I called him this morning and demanded to know when he would finish fixing the blue truck. He didn’t seem amused.

Give Larry a call and tell him to feel better, or email him – he’s centralnyack at gmail.