Finny Moon

I wrote a story based on the kind of conversations that we have playing poker. These poker players are all fishermen waiting for a fourth player to return with his catch. He brings back something strange from the depths of the sea.

It’s not so straightforward horror, with a humorous twist. I submitted it to Innsmouth Free Press today because it has an HP Lovecraft connection.

I’ve found it easier to write since I finished that damned robot story. That story blocked me for almost a year. It also helps to have a reader who likes all your stories, even the bad ones. I don’t react well to criticism.

This reminds me of a story. Chet Atkins, the great guitar player, hired a new bass player for some studio work. During a break, Chet went over to the bass player and whispered to him, “Did anyone ever tell you, that you’re a great bass player?” The bass player answered, “No.” Chet whispered back, “Ever wonder why?”