Clarkstown broke deal to keep land open space

In Central Nyack there is a stream that flows down from the hills above the village. The stream originates on park property and then flows through the land we always called Blake’s and then down to Buttermilk Falls. Growing up, this was MY territory. I traced that stream all the way back to a swampy spring. I built a damn on it so we could go swimming in the summer. I tramped all around those woods for the first 15 years of my life.

Ben Blake is a friend of the family and I’ve know him for a long time. He plays Blues guitar and I’ve even jammed with him. Ben’s family owned the property with the stream.

It is old woods with huge trees and lots of wildlife. His mother and sold the land to the town with the provision that it would be public space forever. I totally agreed with this.

Clarkstown has decided that the property should not be public space and they are building a damn on the little stream where I used to catch frogs. This means clear cutting much of the old forest. This is obviously not in line with the donation agreement that Ben’s mother made to the town. Mrs. Blake has passed away and only Ben is left to protest. The State of NY has passed a bill saying that the Blake agreement means nothing.

I am saddened that this beautiful land will be lost forever. Central Nyack doesn’t flood and the stream has never left its banks as far as I know. I don’t know why this is necessary.

Blauvelt man: Clarkstown broke deal to keep land open space .

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  1. Ben Blake wrote:

    Thank you Larry. Your comments could not be more poignant.For those of us on the ground zero of this disaster it is truely a shame. The option to clear cut, channelize, and QUARRY the entire 9.47 acres is the worste, most destructive,and needless decision possible. “Gromack`s Folly”, as this matter will forthwith be known, is a stunning example of the politicians` ignorance, voter/taxpayer fraud, and financial missappropiations.The “Open Space Protection Program” is obviously broken. I am calling for a special prosecutor to invetigate the entire matter. Demand accountability from these crook politicos and term limits, if not jail time. Benson Blake

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