Monthly Archives: August 2010

Stella on House

My friend Jim’s kid, the actress Stella Maeve, has been signed for the TV show House. House is one of my favorite TV shows. Stella will appear in a role that may become a regular gig. This, of course, depends on the producers and directors, but I have no doubt that Stella will do well. […]

Pricing Strategies

You must have noticed that Walmart charges prices like $14.88 for things and not $15. I have taught myself to say fifteen dollars when I see these kind of prices, but psychologically, I still probably still see $14.88 as less than $15. The reason for this kind of pricing is that there are built in […]

Community College Technical Courses

I used to teach at various colleges in the evenings. I taught programming courses in Java, Visual Basic, Database, Systems Analysis and Design, and Web Design. This stopped after 9/11 when the economy tanked and college registrations went down. I have not taught any classes in several years. I find myself in need of extra […]

Sense Checking a Story

A professor once told that I didn’t really need a spell checker. What I needed was a sense checker. I write very fast when I am really cooking. I can knock of 2,000 words of a story in an hour. I don’t stop to fix anything; I just type on. As a result, my text […]

Hermie is all better

I am sorry that I did not post this sooner. Hermie had his private parts worked on to relieve a bad infection. It appears that an animal bit him. Hermie is a pussycat and runs away from danger so something must have chased him, possibly a racoon, or even another cat. He was in great […]

Old Story Rewrite

Back in the mid 90s I wrote a story. I found it 10 years later on a backup diskette. I just called the story SF2. I never did find the story that I called SF1. I wrote the story without any idea how it would go and with no plan. I just started writing about […]

Collection of Stories

I have decided to collect all my computer related stories into one book and put it out on Amazon, iBooks, and anywhere else I can sell it. J. Irwine has been covering the bases on this, doing my research for me, so all I have to do is go to his homepage and search through […]

Waiting on Stories

I have 4 stories out with editors. I have one out 29 days at Card’s ezine. They respond in 30-35 days so I might hear this weekend. I have another one out at Clarkesworld for 5 days and they respond in 3 to 6 days so I expect that one to be rejected tonight or […]