Hermie is all better

I am sorry that I did not post this sooner. Hermie had his private parts worked on to relieve a bad infection. It appears that an animal bit him. Hermie is a pussycat and runs away from danger so something must have chased him, possibly a racoon, or even another cat.

He was in great pain, and the vet said that he would have died soon if we had not brought him in.

He was very upset by the experience and had to be sedated for the procedure. He was all wobbly and frantic when he got home and had to wear one of those alien collars for a while.

He improved within hours and asked for food. He is now perfect. Erica brought him to the vet for a follow-up and he was a big hit. Everyone loved him and he responded well to all the attention, even licking a vet’s hand. He is home again and feeling good.

Hermie is a sad case. He was a stray and is very afraid of me. He likes Erica, but he runs when he sees me. He wants to be a lap cat, but the other cats abuse him when he comes out of his hidy hole. He must have been treated terribly. It took a long time to get him to come close enough to pet him and then he would run if anyone made a sudden move or spoke loudly.

Hermie stays underneath the kitchen table all the time. He is afraid to come out when I am home. I hope that he will calm down and someday accept me as a good cat person.