Collection of Stories

I have decided to collect all my computer related stories into one book and put it out on Amazon, iBooks, and anywhere else I can sell it. J. Irwine has been covering the bases on this, doing my research for me, so all I have to do is go to his homepage and search through the links of places he sells his books.

Title: The Girl with the Error Message Eyes and Other Stories

Subtitle: A Programmer’s Guide to Debugging the Digital Soul

12 Stories of Computers, Robots, Programs and Algorithms.

It should take abut two or three months to rewrite and format the stories. I haven’t had time to sneak in much writing at work. So far it is about 40,000 words, which is short for a collection, but makes it cheap to print. I also have to come out with some sexy cover art.

I have two stories waiting on editors, and one story coming out in a magazine in a few months that fit the theme.  I can’t use them because it would interfere with the publication rights of the ones I sold or will sell. I might revise it in a year to add the new stories.

If I sell more than a handful I will then collect all the “Weird Tales” together, then the “Hard SF”, and then the “High Fantasy”. It’s hard to believe that I have enough short stories to fill 4 (slim) volumes. Guess what relatives will be getting for Christmas instead of honey?