Monthly Archives: June 2010

I don’t believe this for a minute

This is a story about a cat who saved a woman from a pit bull attack. The cats I have would never react this way. The would sit in a position of safety and watch with interest as dogs rip me to shreds and then complain that they weren’t being fed regularly. Perhaps Nipper would […]

Iron Sky: No Nazis

Perhaps you are aware that I have a bunch of rules about writing SF and one of the rules is “No Nazis”. I believe that anyone who uses Nazis in a Science Fiction is only doing it because the wardrobe department has a bunch of moth eaten old uniforms going to waste and that Nazis […]

Doing domains again

I own lots of websites and domains. I recently let a bunch of them go. I am tempted, however, to buy a couple more. Websites is one of the things that I do. I don’t design well, as I am not as visually oriented as some people, but I understand how to make websites work. […]

Neighbors are selling their house $725,000

The people next door are selling their house. There is no mention in their ads of the crazy neighbors with the cats and bees. I am hoping that the people who move in are cat loving, science fiction reading, blues musicians who like bees and can program computers. I am wondering about the price. Their […]

Benefit for Gil

There will musical benefit for Gil Cruz to help defray some growing medical expenses at The French Quarter in New City, NY. This Sunday at 4PM. Bring your guitar or harps. 391 S. Main Street New City, NY 10956 – Google Maps.

You Are My Favorite

Sophie Madeleine is indeed one of my favorite musicians on the internet. This a an online jam of Sophie playing her uke with a dozen people around the world. It is cute and sweet, but I like it in spite of that. I would like to nominate this for some kind of award, but I […]

Alan Turing’s Birthday

Alan Turing would have been 98 today if he hadn’t eaten an apple laced with cyanide at the age of 41. What we call the computer was mostly defined by the Mathematician Alan Turing and what we call Artificial Intelligence was conceived by the philosopher Alan Turing. His contributions as patriot Alan Turing probably shortened […]

Moss Milkshake

I like moss, and in parts of my yard it is the only thing that will grow since there is not enough sun for grass. If you want to grow moss anywhere (except in the direct sun), you can make a Moss Milkshake. Take a clump of moss and put it in a blender with […]