Iron Sky: No Nazis

Perhaps you are aware that I have a bunch of rules about writing SF and one of the rules is “No Nazis”. I believe that anyone who uses Nazis in a Science Fiction is only doing it because the wardrobe department has a bunch of moth eaten old uniforms going to waste and that Nazis are cheaper to film than bug eyed monsters. Nazis are off-the-shelf villains and lazy writers find them easy to utilize.

There is however a fan built movie called Iron Sky about Nazis in space. It is fun, stupid, slick and stylish. It is a mindless tribute to the lowest common denominator in movie demographics.

As such, the movie will be a success.

Click on the link below, then click invest. Follow the instructions to invest a small amount in the movie. I am not sure that you will get anything back, but I am guessing that you could double your money. The movie is fan financed using crowd investment strategies.

Iron Sky: Watch the New Teaser!.