Doing domains again

I own lots of websites and domains. I recently let a bunch of them go. I am tempted, however, to buy a couple more. Websites is one of the things that I do. I don’t design well, as I am not as visually oriented as some people, but I understand how to make websites work.

One domain that I was thinking of buying is This is from the the familiar James Joyce quote from Finnegan’s Wake – “It darkles (tinct, tint) all this our funnanimal world.” I thought that this would be the best domain for a website that included dark fiction. Since fiction is a no starter as far as money goes, I will pass on this.

The other domain that I was watching is (hiding the real domain) a job site for New York City. I have lived through some bad recessions and have been unemployed during a couple. Things always turn around and a recession is when most people are doing job searches. I think a snazzy website that searches for tech jobs in NY would get a few hits, especially if it had a discussion board.

I made a stab at designing a web page that would allow me to leverage job search affiliate programs. They pay about $50 for every job that is filled through your site. My design was too ugly to live and I am searching the free template libraries for something better.

One other thing that I did was alter the way my site works. It used to be a mirror of so you could get to my blog either through or, but I stopped that. will redirect here for a while, but I want to work on a different idea for my namesake blog. I might even let it expire if I can’t come up with something. I expect to put my creative works on and even sell some books there. For now, however, it is in creative limbo.