Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Hugo Awards

They are currently tallying the Hugo Awards and the results will be announced on April 4. Unfortunately, they received a record number of nominations this year. That makes it harder to squeak in with just a few votes. I was hoping for just the opposite. I figured with a far distant locale and the high […]

Rick Estrin at the Turning Point

I had just started to doze off last night when Larry called and told me that Rick Estrin and the Night Cats were down at the Turning Point. I roused myself up and went down to see them. If they come to your town, don’t miss them. They are great. This is the first time […]

Had to check this morning

The large hadron collider has been tested at full steam. I had to check the link below right away. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet?.

Facebook Fan Page

I made a fan page for the JT30 microphone. I did it in order to learn how to make a fan page. Since social networking is the next big thing, I thought I had better get some skills. I did not try to promote the page at all and I didn’t even think about it […]

Giveaway #2

I closed giveaway #2 last night and I’ll post the winners. There were only 5 entries. I will try this one more time. I have selected the Earthsea Trilogy, A Princess of Mars, and a Gray Mouser Book for the next contest. This is for the Once Upon A Time Challenge, so a few lucky […]


Sci-Fi fans chart by Worm Miller – Artist: David Hwang Well done. MADATOMS – SCI-FI SUPERFAN REFERENCE MANUAL by Worm Miller – Artist: David Hwang.

Leigh Brackett’s Empire Strikes Back

Leigh Brackett wrote some 200 Science Fiction Stories and is in my top 10 favorite writers. I prefer the bronze bra space operas of the 1940s, but she wrote some good serious stuff (the Big Sleep script – you know; Bogey and Bacall!). George Lucas liked her work, too, and gave her the project of […]

17 pasos para escribir y vender una historia de ciencia-ficción

A Spanish Science Fiction Blogger translated my 17 Steps to Writing and Selling a Science Fiction Story. I am very pleased with this. I would like more of the essays here translated into Spanish. One of the things the the readers of the post complain about is that there are few markets for Spanish Language […]