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H.G. Wells Reviews Cameron's AVATAR

Steve Davidson found a review of Avatar written by H.G. Wells H.G. Wells Reviews Cameron's AVATAR | The Crotchety Old Fan.

Juno Books Needs Submissions

Juno Books is an imprint of Pocket Books, owned by Simon & Schuster that publishes fantasy books with a strong female protagonist. Their main thrust is Urban Fantasy with a female heroine. from the Juno Books guidelines: Juno is currently looking for novels from 80,000 to 100,000 words in length. We are interested in fantasy […]

Snow Day

The buses aren’t running and Germonds Road is covered with snow. I have shoveled the front walk and last night I cleaned out the front of the driveway and moved the truck so it is positioned to get out on the road. It does not look safe, though, so I am not going to work […]

Making your Blog Mobile

I just joined, a website that takes your blog’s feed and converts it to a mobile site. It supports a bunch of mobile devices and it lets you monetize the link using admob. I like this. It took about 30 seconds to get my blog on mobile. This is the link to the mobile […]

Too busy for me

Last week I decided to ask a dozen SF bloggers to add my blog to their blog rolls. I picked some big, popular blogs, all of them Google Page Rank of 5 or better.  Getting links from high ranked websites is a way to improve traffic and raise your own website’s value. All of the […]


Over the last couple of weeks I have received several letters asking details about websites that I maintain. Since the demise of FreeNameAStar, I am reluctant to give any information out. I don’t want to lose any more websites to the “Men in Suits”. I am suspicious that the inquiries from students, historians and people […]


Over the weekend someone reported a bug in one of the WordPress plugins that I wrote. The latest source plus many of my programming tools are on my work machine, but not my home PC. I fretted about it all weekend. It took only a few minutes to find and fix the bug, and I […]

Science Fiction Posters

I got it into my head that I should make some SF designs for T-shirts or posters. I pulled out my super duper clip art library and these are the results of 10 minutes work.