Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bees are on the way

It looks like my first batch of bees will arrive on April 13. That is a Monday. Erica does not want to be left alone to handle the bees. I will try to coordinate to be there, but if I can’t, I’ll try to talk the guy into dropping the frames into my hives. The […]

Edd Cartier Printers Proof

I met Edd Cartier a couple of years ago. I’ve been collecting examples of his art ever since. This Printer’s proof is up for auction on eBay. Unfortunately it is already out of my price range. On Ebay

The Boy With the Green Hair

A while ago I read a Ben Barzman science fiction novel that I liked. He was a good writer, one of those that has a style as smooth as silk and lots of good ideas. Barzman was also a screenwriter and an anti-war activist. The Boy With the Green Hair has a strong ant-war message. […]

Li'l Abner Classics free online comic strip library at

In my “good morning” bookmarks group is Li’l Abner by Al Capp. The crew at has been screwing up the order of the comics and they jumped from a 1930s sequence to a late 40s sequence. I enjoyed the Fearless Fosdick episode where the comic within a comic manages to arrest a felonious Chippendale […]

300 Days and Counting at the Heinlein Contest

301 days ago I submitted to the Heinlein contest. There has been no responses to my queries. It looks like a dead end. It is too late to publish a book as suggested in their press release. The website has not been updated in 4 months. There are going to be several hundred pissed off […]

John Cephas has passed

March has been a bad month for my friends. I’ve been losing people left and right. John Cephas was a friend that I met at Blues Week in Elkins, West Virginia about 15 years ago. His partner, Phil Wiggins, gave me my first lessons in how to play the harmonica. I have their CDs on […]

5,000 words a day

I thought about it today and tallied up how many words I probably write in a day. I have several blogs that I try to hit almost every day. I get lots of email, both personal and business related. I have a job where I have to write reports, summaries and documentation. If you add […]

Conquest of Earth by Manly Banister (1957)

Conquest of Earth reads like a first novel with a few fundamental problems with the plot and narrative, but is still a good read. I have other Banister books on the shelf and I will try them soon. Read the review of Conquest of Earth by Manly Banister (1957)