The Boy With the Green Hair

A while ago I read a Ben Barzman science fiction novel that I liked. He was a good writer, one of those that has a style as smooth as silk and lots of good ideas. Barzman was also a screenwriter and an anti-war activist. The Boy With the Green Hair has a strong ant-war message. I think that Barzman was blacklisted because of the movie.

The Boy with the Green Hair stars a very young (and bald for much of it) Dean Stockwell and a singing Pat O’Brien. (Erica’s Great Uncle was friends with Pat O’Brien and Erica had his autograph until her mother cleaned her room and threw it out. One of my great Grandfathers was an Irish Clog Dancer and appeared in theaters with Pat O’Brien. Small world.)

I remember this movie from when I was a kid, but all I remember was the green hair. I enjoyed it when I watched it last night, but I thought that the message was quite heavy handed.

If you can find it, try it out. I don’t think that it will ever come around into one of the cable movie stations. Just try to ignore that the movie is making its point much too strongly, and try to enjoy the good acting and the interesting premise.