5,000 words a day

I thought about it today and tallied up how many words I probably write in a day. I have several blogs that I try to hit almost every day. I get lots of email, both personal and business related. I have a job where I have to write reports, summaries and documentation. If you add it all up I am doing more than 5,000 words a day.

5,000 words a day is a good size novel every month. Of all the things I write, fiction, though, is at the bottom of the list. The kind of writing that I like the best is always pushed off because the other stuff I do pays the bills. Imagine if a writer could make money writing science fiction – think of it.

Somebody tried to count how many words a person speaks in a day. Supposedly a woman can say 20,000 words a day where a man says about 13,000 words. My own preference is to keep total daily words down to about 500 total, and that’s probably too many. When I teach my throat gets sore from talking after about 45 minutes. I don’t talk much and my vocal cords aren’t used to being used.