Monthly Archives: February 2008

ANSI Text Spam

I received this little message in my in-box. It was not marked as spam. RA lZ 7cCp 8p b3 cw pM Zc xY IaD5 eKMsF J195 uVHc pA FM W2 eU lz Sv eZU Uw WT6L 4W p9JmK q0 jF aO nJkEt ZScx 4A gW 4C 0r Tq wH Fi qF 63 BF WC fH […]

Final story out 120 days

The last story that I sent out before I stopped submitting is still out and hit 120 days today. The editor has accepted stories from me in the past, but most of those sales came after a query. Well, I refused to be sucked into his little game. I’ve written it off as lost. I […]

Chick Spec Fic

The link above is to a blog that lists 20 SF novels that it claims will change your life. Unfortunately it’s looks like the Spec-Fic version of Oprah’ book club. There are only three books before 1960 listed. It’s like when Rolling Stone picks the top 100 guitar players and forget most everyone before 1995. […]

More Spacecraft Velocity Anomalies — Physics News Update 857

I kept a notebook in 1971 where, besides writing short stories and calculating the strut size for odd geodesic domes (some based on ellipsoids and higher order volumes), I developed a theory of motion that was able to explain inertia as a gravitational effect of the expanding universe. This theory was not just the Einsteinian […]

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick

I came to age in the late 1960s and I can remember spending many hours reading comic books by R. Crumb. I will always be a fan. I recently purchased a large bag full of Phillip K. Dick books, and here again, I can remember hiding away in a corner to read and reread a […]

UFO and Ghost sightings Near you

This site in the link above compiles UFO sightings and weird occurrences by location so you can look at what wackos see in your home town. First here is the one from West Nyack, where I live. (original spelling left intact.) So I was playing basketball with my freinds and I saw a flying object […]

Election 2008: Presidential, Senate and House Races Updated Daily

I watched this site at the last election and it has some nice graphs and charts and this very useful map showing each state and how it stands. Although Obama is ahead at the moment, the press is making too big a thing about him winning a large number of dinky states. Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, […]

Star Money

After a flurry of star sales for Valentines Day, has settled down to practically nothing again. I don’t foresee making many sales until Mother’s day. Then there’ll be some Father’s Day and graduation presents and then a long summer and autumn and then Christmas again. If I am going to retire on my web […]