UFO and Ghost sightings Near you

This site in the link above compiles UFO sightings and weird occurrences by location so you can look at what wackos see in your home town.

First here is the one from West Nyack, where I live. (original spelling left intact.)

So I was playing basketball with my freinds and I saw a flying object in the sky. It was very bright and had three cicles and a sharp point at the end. It was on a diaganel and just disappeared!
I was playing basketball with my freinds. I was going to take a shot. When I looked up I saw a very brigt object. It was pure white. It had three white circles and had a very pointy end. There was only 1.

Next, here is one from Nyack, more than likely sun glare.

When crossing the Tappan Zee bridge my wife snapped photos of the area because she though it would be a nice place to buy a house. I downloaded the pictures and to my surprise there was something in the picture that shouldn’t have been there.
Location: Nyack, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 minutes.

This next one is probably not Nyack, but nearby Blue Fields Park, which includes an ruined WWI military base with underground passages and rooms. Larry and I explored the ruins in great detail as it was about three miles from Central Nyack, where I grew up. If the underground rooms are not haunted, they certainly feel that way.

We experienced apparitions of a soldier hanging from a beam in the building off of the tunnel.

Here’s one for Nanuet, which is up the hill a bit from my house. It is a bit literary in style, which makes it that much more unbelievable. (I almost believe that the illiterate basketball players in the first one actually saw something).

My grandparents were just pulling into the driveway and I went outside to meet them. I was helping them take suitcases out of the trunk when I saw lights far away in the distance moving really slow.

I figured it was something I just never saw before and I pointed to it and asked my grandfather (retired army guy) ‘Grandpa what is that??” pause…. “Well that would be a UFO” completely deadpan.

It was low in the sky and was approaching very slowly. Dogs started barking all over the neighborhood. We stayed outside and watched it pass over. It was very large and oval and had multicolor lights around the edges that slowly rotated as it moved forward. It very slowly went off into the distance (I think we watched it for a long time) and I ran inside and called the police (more because I was hoping they would say what it was) and the dispatcher said he was getting tons of calls and he was assuming everyone had a lot to drink this St. Patrick’s Day.

The next four hours the sky was full of helicopters with searchlights. The newspapers reported the next day it was likely ultra lights in formation. I have no idea what it was but you could see the solid bulk of it as darker against the night sky. It made no noise either, and the lights weren’t in plane formation. My grandfather read the papers the next day muttering obscenities to himself the entire time. He was quite annoyed that the there was no reliable explanation.

There are a dozen or so more within 5 miles of my house.

Our own personal ghost comes from the cemetery next to my house on damp Spring nights. There is the unexplained smell of perfume that rises from the fog as though a heavily scented woman is strolling through the grave yard. There are no blooming flowers and it usually happens around the Spring equinox, late March or early April, before the plants even start to appear. I don’t believe in ghosts, but the few times that I have walked through the graveyard at night have spooked me. The smell usually wafts over from the cemetery around midnight. I have been over there in the dark, but it is spooky as all get out, and I don’t think that I’ll be investigating the mysterious Perfumed Lady this Spring.