ANSI Text Spam

I received this little message in my in-box. It was not marked as spam.

RA lZ 7c
Cp 8p
b3 cw
pM Zc xY IaD5 eKMsF J195 uVHc
pA FM W2 eU lz Sv eZU Uw
WT6L 4W p9JmK q0 jF aO nJkEt
ZScx 4A gW 4C 0r Tq wH Fi qF
63 BF WC fH rD OI p7 GR UQ
uh Sf qX19H NQyVG 4I DgIgG

In the old days of PCs, before the advanced graphics cards that we had today, people often created pictures using colored letters arranged in ingenious ways. Getting this spam made me miss the days where the PC was basically a slow fancy calculator.

I wonder how the filters will catch this type of message?