Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market

Erica and I drove all the way to Elephant’s Trunk yesterday morning starting out at the crack of dawn. Their website still says that the opening day is April 1. The sign at the flea market says April 15. They don’t really care that it costs me $20 in gas and tolls to visit an empty lot.
I am taking off Friday afternoon to go on a trip to Saratoga Springs for the Guitar Widow’s show. They have this on a Friday night so that the show won’t spoil guitar player’s “Honeydew weekends” (Honey do this, Honey do that). It is about 150 miles each way and costs $50 or so in gas. I expect to pick up things like microphones, connectors and maybe an amplifier basket case to fix up. It is not especially cost effective, but Saratoga Springs is a very nice town with trendy shops and very good restaurants. I am in the mood for a meal at a French Bistro. I saw one there, but I couldn’t talk my brother into trying it. When I used to work for weeks at a time in Washington DC, I ate a French Bistro. Steak with pommes frites and a glass of Beaujolais; I miss being on an expense account.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    regarding the elephants flea market …they said due to the rising costs their uping the price of general addmision from a doller to 2 bucks this year come on u got to be kidding me rising costs ……. to walk around they dont make enough money with the vendors 500 spots @40. a spot now u gota charge 2 bucks to walk around .

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