Monthly Archives: September 2004

On Ben Klibreck

I submitted “On Ben Klibreck” to SDO Ghost today. I reread the guidelines and I probably missed the next issue which is Tomorrow Morning – stupid me. I hope that the editor doesn't hold it until January. I wonder if there is much of a market for Ghost Fiction other than SDO Ghost. $5 a […]

Gracie Update

As we speak, Gracie is going in to have her broken jaw wired. She has improved greatly over the last few days. Last night she jumped on the bed and slept in between Erica and me. She was the only one who got any sleep. Although she doesn’t smell of infection any more, her breath […]

End of Month Rush

It’s September 29th and I have a story to finish for SDO Ghost by tomorrow. I’ve written a Scottish Ghost story. It is not a Spec-Fic story as much as it is a classical tale of a ghost, the devil and a fight in the world between ours and the next. I won’t be able […]

Physics News Update 2004 Index

Physics News Update 2004 Index I spent two days doing little else but reading these short news items and then trying to read the original articles. All the cool stuff that makes writing Science Fiction so much fun. There are one or two stories ideas on every line. – Public Opinion Online – Public Opinion Online I check this every morning to see how things are going. It took a long time to find a site that does summaries of polls. Reading this is like riding a roller coaster.

Gracie home for a while

Gracie, the kitten, is doing very well, so far. She came home friday night, a very sick cat. She has a feeding tube (See picture in post below.) Every few hours, I have to warm and squeeze 40CC of gruel into the tube. Twice a day she gets an antibiotic and 3 times a day, […]

Another Sale to SamsDot – and a reject

Tyree Campbell bought “Frogs in Aspic” a strange little story about eating frogs for “Kidvisions”. This was its first time submitted. It pays $1, which is fine because this piece is very odd and has no Spec-Fic elements at all. This is the 5th sale to On the other extreme, I was rejected on […]

Cat pics

Here are a few cat pics. These prove that I am losing control of this blog. Ollie on the couch hugging Erica and her quilt project.: Another: Here is weird Max And Faffrd, the giant Maine Coon cat And lastly Gracie herself. I didn’t show her face which is so much hamburger.