End of Month Rush

It’s September 29th and I have a story to finish for SDO Ghost by tomorrow. I’ve written a Scottish Ghost story. It is not a Spec-Fic story as much as it is a classical tale of a ghost, the devil and a fight in the world between ours and the next. I won’t be able to have Carlos proof it so, if I finish it, it goes out unedited before 4pm tomorrow.

AnotherRealm.com has a 9/30 deadline, but they won’t respond until 2005. I don’t like the three month wait. I waited 4 months last time for them reject “Perfect Gold” – one of my better ones. I might send them one of my stinkeroos.

I modified “Please Wash Your Hands” just a little and entered it into the AR flash contest yesterday.

“Speed Trap” went out to ASIM with joke ending. I have a reference number #3504 if you want to check it.

I am still amazed that SamsDot bought “Frogs in Aspic” for the kids magazine. It isn’t even spec-fic and it’s not even a kid’s story.