Eclipse Corona by John Shirley

I walked into a Philadelphia bookstore back in the 1980s and discovered John Shirley's Eclipse. I've been a super fan ever since. The Eclipse trilogy (aka A Song Called Youth) is ground zero for the Cyberpunk movement in Science Fiction - the first really new sub-genre of SF in 20 years. It is a constant stream of new ideas. new concepts and new ways for understanding the future. The eclipse trilogy makes all the right calls for the future of politics and does it in a non-stop adventure.
Eclipse Corona is the last book in the series bringing on the exiting climax of a group of punk outcast mercenaries in defiance of a Neo-Nazi cabal trying to control the world. The characters are rich and multidimensional. The evil antagonists are all too real in the age of Trump. The action is non-stop.
John Shirley has been updating the Eclipse novels, even though the originals are entirely too prescient for comfort. Don't miss this one!