Monthly Archives: October 2013

First Egg from the Fuzzy Feet

One of our Copper Marans Chickens, Veronica or Betty, I don’t know which, has given us a deep purple-brown egg. That’s it on the right. On the left as a normal medium sized egg. These are very valuable eggs ($30 a dozen) and are supposed to be the best tasting eggs in the world. (The […]

Kenny Barnett

Kenny died last week. He was a sweet guy and will be missed. Kenny was a few years younger than me or Larry. I remember him as a skinny kid who followed me around as I delivered papers. He has been my friend and my brother’s friend for 50 years. He played pretty good bass […]

Garden Gate

This is our Garden Gate. The String Beans went crazy. Some of this is Morning Glory vine. I have to remember to bring my camera out in the morning when they are blooming. They are all gone by the time I get home at night.

October Fungi

Cleaning out the camera… Here are some very nice pictures of some fungi growing on logs in the back yard.

Working on the new Heat

My old boiler is gone and I ordered a new one which arrived in the driveway last week. It weighs 480 pounds and is more that I could handle. Larry came over and brought a neighborhood kid named Brian to help. Larry and I guided the unit into the cellar while we let Brian do […]


Yesterday I logged into TSO for the first time in more than 30 years. It is hard to believe but this was cutting edge tech in the 1970s. TSO stands for Time Sharing Option and it was a way for programmers to work on mainframe programs. This mainframes cost millions of dollars and had as […]