Monthly Archives: September 2013

Super 88

The 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 was a great car. Erica and I were wandering around Dutchess County last Sunday and I stopped to take pictures of this one. It was in rough shape and going cheap, but I want it.

Haverstraw Homestead

Erica and I were coming back from a trip to Apple Country and had to get off the thruway because of traffic. We wound up passing through Haverstraw where her family lived for many years. Here is the old house built by Erica’s great-grandfather. I used to go here with Erica to visit her great […]


I have not been very good at keeping up with posts. It seems that I have been very busy and when I get home, I crash in front of the TV. I have been working since the beginning of August. I make more money than I did on the last job and my commute is […]

Fred Pohl 1919-2013

Fred Pohl updated his blog earlier today and then passed away. I have been reading his blog for a few years and have contributed to the discussions there. Fred has commented about things on my web sites twice. I got the feeling that I really knew him and I thought that some day I would […]