I have not been very good at keeping up with posts. It seems that I have been very busy and when I get home, I crash in front of the TV.

I have been working since the beginning of August. I make more money than I did on the last job and my commute is shorter. I am doing some interesting stuff trying to bring big companies out of the Dinosaur era of COBOL and big iron computers into server oriented JAVA code. It is not as easy at it sounds. If you know someone, especially in banking, who is still maintaining COBOL code, this company has the solution.

Here is a picture of my desk. I am out in the open and don’t get to “self actualize” much as everybody who passes by can see my screen.

This is the outside of the building. It is off rte. 119 in the same complex as a TGIF Fridays if anyone wants to buy lunch.